Welcome to my ESCAPE…

Thanks for viewing my blogggggg.

Welcome to my escape from the worries of the world. Looking for a laugh, a new recipe, movie reviews,  food suggestions from local favorite, inspirational posts? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right page.  In addition to all of those topics, you guys will also be the first to get all the updates on my book that I’m currently writing. Come and enjoy my escape with me.

Detox from your problem and take a sip of my tea.

Here’s a quick guide to my page:

Green Tea( Healing Tea), this is the page that you’ll visit for inspirational post, yoga tips, healthy eating alternatives, or just about anything to help bring balance to your life.

Black Tea (Energy), I had other plans for this page, but I figured I could show you guys another side of me here. Show you guys where I get my energy from.

Sweet Tea(Tasty), on this page you’ll find restaurant and bar suggestions from local restaurants in the Birmingham area. I will also feature local business owner from Birmingham on this page.

Hot Tea (meeee), this section is for my book updates only.

Thanks for following my journey.

& a extra special thanks to my bestfriend Montrice for believing in me.


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