This week, Ill be featuring a local business owner by the name of MaddHatter.

MaddHatter is a Birmingham native, who’s name is actually Haley.

She prefers to be called MaddHatter.

This is also her business name.

She customizes hats & other appeal.  She also have a subline line that she is working on called “MILFGang”.

It stands for Mother’s who are (M)aking (I)t (L)ook (F)ly. (very trendy items!)

Being the curious individual I am, I wanted to know the meaning behind her brand name.

When I asked Ms. MaddHatter what her business name meant to her,

she responded ” My business name came about because I felt like ppl become upset or “mad” when you show them you can wear more than one hat as a mother. You don’t have to lose your identity as a person once you become a mom and I feel like my generation is making that known.”

Not only are the item fashionable, but they make a statement as well.

I’ve shared a couple pictures of her work. Be sure to check her out.

Lets support our local business owners.

Contact info:


(205) 671-1938

Text all orders to that number. The more details the better.

Keep up the good work MaddHatter.

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