You’re not responsible for anyone’s healing but your own!

Healing is not always an easy or a pretty process but its very necessary.  I’m not totally against helping other heal (because literally that what my green tea column is for), but I want you all to know that its not your responsibility.

Before you try to help someone else, you have to first make sure you’re in a non toxic space to do so. If not you’ll only be adding more fuel to a fire that is already blazing. (Yikes)

I never see people for the bad things they’ve done, I’m always trying to figure out why they’re the way they are and why they do the things they do.

Sometimes people act the way they act or treat people a certain way because of things that have previously happened to them. But I’m here to tell you, it is not your responsibility to babysit people’s insecurities.

You should not slow down your bloom so that people can meet you at a level that they are comfortable with. You DO NOT have to dim your light for someone who is still trying to find their own.

Putting yourself in these kind of situations can really change you as a person. Don’t lose yourself in someone else chaos.

It is not your fault that they are fighting the internal battles that they are fighting.

If you’ve been in this experience or situation then you have a first hand account of how toxic this can be.

Teacups, this is where our healing comes in to place. For the people who have caused you pain, don’t wish pain on them. If they’ve hurt you, its probably because they already have pain inside.

Wish them healing.








2 thoughts on “You’re not responsible for anyone’s healing but your own!

  1. This really helped me a lot seeing that I’m in process of changing . I had to let go of the closet people to me because we are no longer In the same space . Their energy was throwing off my process so I had to let go !

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