Essential Goddess Hair

Hey Teacuppppsss,

I know you’ve all heard that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I’m here to tell you bundles are too. Especially bundles that are of good quality.

Let me introduce you all to a local hair extension distributor by the name of Amber :). Amber is the owner of the brand Essential goddess hair. 

This is so cool that I actually got a chance to interview her because I’m actually wearing some of her hair right now. (And I love it guys)

So of course one of the first questions I ask when interviewing people is about the name of their brand and what it means to them. That just gives you a little insight on their brand.

To Amber, essential means important & it’s important that all women look like a goddess with affordable QUALITY hair.

Like many entrepreneurs she was tired of spending so much money on products that she was not satisfied with. She started this business because she loves quality hair.

She has had bad experiences with hair that looks goods but it sheds too much , closure going bald & even tangling. So she decided to test out bundles and open her own business so that she could share her findings with us. So far she has been delivering the best of the best. (Thank you Amber)

I can honestly vouch for this because I’m not good with hair at all, and this hair has been the best. The maintenance is so easy on it. I haven’t had any shedding or tangling AT ALL.

In the next 3 years Amber goal is to have customers nation wide. 💞

I hope all your dreams come true. I believe you can do it.

Make sure you all check out her brand. I’ve left all the info below and of course I dropped you all some client selfie 🙂

People can order

Fb: Essential Goddess Hair
Instagram: essentialgoddesshair
Twitter: essentialgoddess


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