The “Erin Nicole Paige”

Hey Teacupssss,

So you know this column is dedicated to promoting businesses and brands of Birmingham right?

Well I decided to switch it up a little.

This feature will be dedicated to a model who is from Birmingham, AL.

She goes by the name Erin Nicole Paige.

I was very interested in interviewing her because I believe, she fits in this category as well. She is a brand.

I was very curious to know why she wanted to model.

She shared with me that modeling was never her dream.

The dream has always been my mother’s or my aunt. I’ve quit this profession on several occasions because it’s more girly and everyone know I’m on the tomboy side.”

I cannot tell that this wasn’t her dream because she has been slaying these photo shoots.

Erin Nicole Paige has set many goals for her modeling career. Her goals are to be published by a big time magazine.

She had been published in local magazines in Atlanta and Carolina but she wants to make a billboard. She is not fond of the runway because of her height.

After the 3rd time trying, she fell in love with modeling.

Being a model comes with an image. So my question to Erin Nicole Paige was, “is it hard maintaining an image as a model?”

“It’s really not hard to maintain your image. I would say it’s harder and building your image and making people want to represent you versus just taking pictures and saying hey look at me I’m a model. Your name/face literally is your brand so you have to protect it at all cost. ” –Erin Nicole Paige

Models face many obstacles in this industry. She expressed to me how she have been turned around before because of her height or her tattoos. Also, once you’re in this industry, you find out who really supports you and who doesn’t.

The obstacles start at day one. You have to know more about modeling than what the internet shows.”-Erin Nicole Paige

She has advice to give to aspiring models.

“Don’t go in blind like me. You need to know exactly what type of model you are or the category they fit you in so you can push and focus mainly on that work. Anything you do or book outside of that is extra. Never Quit because someone tell you that you can’t!  Just find a way to make them FEEL YOU!! Ones person “No” is someone else “Yes” so do not get discouraged. It’s not always about the money because the passion you have for what you do will show through your work. Never tell a photographer or someone in our industry you will do something and don’t show. That’s how you can get black balled before your career even take off. Always show up 20 mins early to anything and always dress to impress people will be watching!!”

Of course, I’ve dropped some pics of her work below and also her booking info.

Check her out.

FB:LaShara Paige/ERIN Paige




One thought on “The “Erin Nicole Paige”

  1. Love the article . The sky is the limit my smart , intelligent, beautiful daughter. Mommy is super proud of you and your many accomplishments. Continue to keep GOD first and PRAISE him In all that you do . I love you .

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