Life updates❤️

Hey teacupsssss. It’s been a while since my last post. But I’m always preaching about loving yourself & taking some self care time, so I figured it was time I took my own advice.

Exactly a month ago today, I started two of the biggest journeys of my life.

I decided to lock my hair(& I’m loving it) & I also made the decision to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian 🌱

I always get asked, what made me lock my hair & what made me change my diet.

The answer for my hair is simple.

I’m over it!

I’ve been natural about 8 years & one day I woke up & wanted to cut it all off. I encouraged all of my close relatives to go natural. I knew one thing, I wasn’t going back to relaxers. So I went ahead & locked it up.

I’ve embraced my hair & I’m so excited to go through this journey. Here’s some pic of them so far.

This was the first day I got it done

As for the lacto-ovo vegetarian 🌱 , that was my daughter’s decision.

Vanessa came home one day talking about how she no longer wanted to eat meats & about how she had seen all the documentaries about slaughterhouses.

Being the supportive parent I am, I joined my daughter on this journey.( even though she jumped ship the next week😑. I blame it on Green Acres)

Although my daughter didn’t stick to it, I continued & I’ve been enjoying the benefits of having a meatless diet.

I’ve been sleeping better, I have more energy, I feel more alert, & because it’s a high fiber diet, I haven’t been having lactose intolerant issues.

I’m have made the decision to convert completely. So I want to make it more of a lifestyle.

It haven’t been hard finding things to keep me full. I even eat fast food. You just have to know what to eat!

Garden Salad from Burger King😍

Mashed Potatoes, Black Beans, & Corn 🌽

Bean & Cheese burrito 🌯 & corn 🌽

Black Bean Burger & Fries from Babalu in Lakeview

Hibachi vegetables & rice from Stix

Black bean & Tofu bowl from Chipotle

Sooo that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope you all have been great.

May is Mental Health awareness month. I have lots of updates for you guys this month. Stayed tuned.🤗

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