5 truths that’s helped me heal❤️

Hey teacups,

It’s been a minute since my last update. I took

some time out in the name of Self Care. 

While on my break, I’ve still been actively

promoting my page and when people ask me

about my blog, my favorite page to talk about is

my Green Tea column. 

I’m always excited to tell people that I promote

healing. Then one day someone stopped me &

asked “how do you get people to start their

healing process”. 

I had to stop & realize that, I can’t make people

do anything. I know this because when I was in

a dark space, no one could pull me out. 

Healing is something YOU have to want for

yourself. When you’re tired (and you’ll know

when you’re tired) you’ll want to vibrate

higher and stop being in that lower self. 

There are five truths that helped me and they continue to be the truths that keep me in my higher self. 


1.    It’s not other people’s job to love you. It’s yours. 

The moment you realize that no one owes you anything, the sooner you will stop letting the behaviors and actions of others affect you. It is so important that you learn to love yourself. I use to have a lot of insecurities. One day I wrote down everything I didn’t like about myself and I focused in on those things. Learn to embrace those very things you once hated about yourself.

2.    What you OWN is not who you are. 

Growing up, I used to think I didn’t have everything. I used to want all the expensive shoes & nice clothing. Looking back on what I lacked , that made me. So many of us have this materialistic value on things. Having expensive things don’t mean that you have everything & just because you don’t have expensive stuff doesn’t mean that you have nothing. 

3. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive. 

Some people will never understand the damage and hurt they cause other people. You’ll be waiting years and years for some people to finally come to their senses to have the decency to apologize. That’s years and years of hurt that you’ll be holding on to. You owe it to yourself to free yourself of other people’s burdens. Forgive them, for yourself. You can’t start healing wounds until you close them. 

4. Everything changes

Don’t get comfortable. Change is inevitable. This is a truth that I know well and I still have to work on. The moment you realize that some things in this world we can’t control the easier it will be to accept change. 

5. Some people are not for you.

This is one that many people have a hard time accepting. There are no exceptions on this truth. People can include lover, family, and friends. Surround yourself around people who match your energy. The ultimate goal is to disable the keys these toxic people have to your spiritual house. It’s a process, it won’t happen overnight. Take a break from people and pay attention to how your energy changes. 

I challenge you all to apply one of these truths into you life this week & notice the change. Until next time Teacup❤️✨

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