Your energy is not for sale!

Hey Teacups,

The recent events on Facebook have pushed me back to my blogs. I always feel out of place with society. I’ve accepted the fact that I am different. I feel EVERYTHING. I can’t help it. But what I have to constantly remind myself is that my energy is not for sale. So that is today’s topic.


I know some of you are wondering what I mean about how your energy isn’t for sale. Have you ever heard the quote “anything that cost me my energy is too expensive.” ? We have to think of our energy in a sense of currency. Anything that is out of our budget, we’re not dealing with it. Learn to value your peace of mind. This will make more sense later.

Get in Tune with Yourself

We have to learn when to step back and walk away from ANYTHING that triggers your peace. This is why it is so important that you get to know you. You have to pay attention to how things make you feel and what emotions they bring in you. When something isn’t right for you, your soul will literally reject it & try to warn you. Trust your gut.

How are you spending your energy?

Once you understand how valuable your energy is, you’ll spend it wisely. Have you ever been around someone and their presence automatically changes your mood? Or have you ever seen how people speak about a situation and it disgust you? These are the situations you should steer from. You have to realize that you are in control of your energy, not them. You literally have the power to direct your energy in another direction. I have unfriended and unfollowed so many people on social media. It is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you have to completely remove yourself out of situations that don’t sit well with you.

Don’t forget to self check. We also have to be aware of the energy we’re putting out. It does not just stop at you cutting off bad energy. You have to make sure that you aren’t attracting and encouraging this kind of energy either.

Let’s tighten the budget!

No one is off-limits when it comes to cutting people off. You don’t have to be surrounded by anything or anybody that is draining your energy. One thing that one of my close friends always does before she starts venting to me is ” How is my energy” or ” can you handle my energy right now.”. That’s what we have to make a habit of asking ourselves. Can I afford this? Is this in my energy allowance for today?

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