Sweet Tea

Hey Teacupppps,

Are you guys keeping warm out there? If not I have some warm & cozy items that will be sure to keep you warm out here.

This week, I’ll be featuring a furry boutique from a local mom & daughter duo (sooooo adorable)

The company name is Serenity Fur & Co. The brand was founded by a Birmingham native Brittany Cook.🥰

Ms.Cook named her company after her adorable daughter Serenity.

I know you’re probably wondering, “what kind of furry items do they sell?” Don’t worry, I got you covered!

You can purchase boots, headbands, mirrors, & also preorder furry slides.

If you’re interested in ordering you can contact Ms. Cook in a few different ways.

via Fb @ Brittany Cook

via Snapchat (Brittanyc260)

via email 📧 cookbrayneisha@gmail.com

Of course I’ve dropped a few pics below. Go & check her out. With Valentines’ Day coming up, these would make some great gifts🥰



Happy New Year teacups ( my sister came up with this name btw lol)!

I hope everyone had a safe night filled with lots of fun.

Let start 2019 off on a fashionable note.❤

This week I’ll be featuring a clothing company founded in 2016 by Ms. Briana Jacole.

The name of her company is Be Allure☺

Be Allure is a clothing company that provides a store front that sells clothing from vendors globally providing a wide array of tastes from other cultures and places for its shoppers.

Briana began her journey as an entrepreneur during college. After researching ways to earn some extra money, she decided to enter the fashion world.

Briana began by selling African necklaces and Midi rings.

After successfully selling those products, she decided to level up & start her own clothing company.

Be Allure began as a T-shirt that she designed in 2016.

Briana received massive amount of support on the shirts & it inspired her to grow her business.

She now travels in search of clothing vendors to provide a new feel and touch to the Be Allure shop.

Don’t worry teacups, I’m going to tell you all about how to get your hands on these very trendy items😘

I’ve posted a few pictures of some of her clothing items below, but feel free to go over to her site & check out her lovely selection.





This week, Ill be featuring a local business owner by the name of MaddHatter.

MaddHatter is a Birmingham native, who’s name is actually Haley.

She prefers to be called MaddHatter.

This is also her business name.

She customizes hats & other appeal.  She also have a subline line that she is working on called “MILFGang”.

It stands for Mother’s who are (M)aking (I)t (L)ook (F)ly. (very trendy items!)

Being the curious individual I am, I wanted to know the meaning behind her brand name.

When I asked Ms. MaddHatter what her business name meant to her,

she responded ” My business name came about because I felt like ppl become upset or “mad” when you show them you can wear more than one hat as a mother. You don’t have to lose your identity as a person once you become a mom and I feel like my generation is making that known.”

Not only are the item fashionable, but they make a statement as well.

I’ve shared a couple pictures of her work. Be sure to check her out.

Lets support our local business owners.

Contact info:


(205) 671-1938

Text all orders to that number. The more details the better.

Keep up the good work MaddHatter.


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