2018 is coming to an end & soon 2019 will be here.

As we finish off the last moments of 2018, we’re all looking forward to new beginnings, new opportunities, or just a better year overall.

Most people like to come up with things they want to leave behind in the current year.

This year, how about we leave that hurt in 2018.

Which bring me to the topic: Forgiveness.

Easier said then done, but very necessary for your healing.

The thing about forgiving people is that it’s more about you, then it is about whoever you’re forgiving.

When I say forgive, I’m definitely not saying forget. You don’t even have to let that person back in your space ever again.

But when you forgive, you regain your power back.

When someone can shift your energy negatively , just by the mention of their name or their presence, they have some power over you.

Take your power back!

Don’t get it confused, just because you’re forgiving them doesn’t mean that their actions were acceptable. It also does not mean that you take responsibility for it. Be very vocal in letting them know that it wasn’t okay at all, but you have to move on from it.

You are literally allowing yourself to move forward & not letting the past have the opportunity to control your current state of being.

How does forgiving others help us detox?

Forgiving an experience or a person shifts our vibrations. When you forgive, you’re literally cutting ties from that negative energy you have associated with that person or experience. You’re releasing them & also freeing yourself.

Leave that baggage in 2018!!!

I hope your New Years is full of breakthroughs, miracles, lots of love, & good health❤



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