“You stop attracting certain people when you heal the part of you that once needed them.”

We’ve all heard, “what goes around comes around” and “what you put out you get back”. These phrases are very true. Especially when it comes to ENERGY!

Another good one is “misery loves company”. So cliche, I know. But do you know why misery loves company?

You attract people that are vibrating on the same frequency with you. So if you’re vibrating low, it more likely to attract people that are vibrating low as well.

You stop attracting certain people when you heal the part of you that once needed them.

That’s why healing is so essential.

When you heal your own insecurities and pain, you stop attracting people who still have those insecurities and pain.

That just how the universe works. 

It doesn’t always give you the people you want. It gives you the people you need. Some of these people will be there to help you, hurt you, leave you, and love you.

But you have to understand that this is all in the plan to make you the person you are meant to be.

Healing is a journey and it requires dedication. It is very much necessary.

Until you heal, you’re going to keep cycling the same relationships with people. You have to take the lesson and make change.

Otherwise, you will continue to find similar people over and over.

Sooo Teacups, my assignment for you all this week is to check your relationships. Why do you keep the company that you keep? Some of these relationships aren’t real soul connections.

Some of them are just attachments you’ve created to fill in a void in your soul. That void could be low self esteem, fear, lust, loneliness, or anything along that spectrum.

Vibrate higher Teacups. We’re going to love ourselves first from here on out. We’re going to elevate. I claim it for you all and myself as well.

Peace and Love.






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